The process of getting dressed can be streamlined and fun. My services are aimed at providing you with the tools needed to look and feel your most confident self. My process is simple: show you the styles that work best for you and the why behind it; create a wardrobe that is versatile;  solve the "what to wear" dilemma. The end result is a modern wardrobe that's fun, polished and most of all reflects you and your lifestyle. You deserve to look and feel great about what you wear every day. Yes, every day. I'll show you how. 



Closet Edit Session

No matter the size, you want a closet that works for you. This session will remove styles that no longer work, create an organized space and make use of the styles you own. 


Personal Shopping 

A 2 hour shopping experience that removes the stress of finding what works for you. I will help you see through the noise of fashion by applying my guidelines of shopping with intention. We will select the best stores, find the perfect fit and build a wardrobe that works for you. Oh yeah and it's FUN!


Professional Style Consultation  

Individual or group training that guides your team towards effective practices that allows them to show up as their best self. 

Interested in learning more about any of my services or have questions. I'm here to help. Click below to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.